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Delivering tailored fine art and illustration whilst specialising in painted narratives.

My style remains versatile and lends itself well to contemporary realism

Significant to my work is the emphasis on storytelling; often revealed in a single piece or throughout an entire series. I believe this grants the viewer a deeper insight into both subject and artist.

I paint mainly on board or canvas using acrylics, however, I am more than happy to work in oils also. Pencil drawings are constructed in a multitude of layers using several grades of Staedtler leads.

My art has featured in publications such as DC Thompson, Time Inc and the International Artist magazine under the Master Painters of the World showcasing artists in the United Kingdom.

Considering a commission?

Take your first step into the world of fine-art ownership with a brief outline to my approach. Alternatively, if you wish to delve in right away, contact me with your proposals.

Painting showing a fallen Egret on a rugby pitch.  This is the story.



Some friendships meet your needs and some friendships do not come about by words



Graphite Work

A picture is worth a thousand words…
His reaction an absolute picture!

Acrylic painting of a boy standing on a rock, fishing.  From The Rock Series by Pierre Bamin



Six paintings accompanying the narrative of The Rock

oil Painting of person reading under a palm tree on a beach. Painted by Pierre Bamin



A little poem I wrote in Krio for my children …take heed… Read!

Acrylic Painting by Pierre Bamin of an African Man holding a spear


Narrative Art

Each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.
Everyone has a story

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No Free Ticket

Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere ~ Peter O’Toole