Wer ist Jan?

Imaginary friends are real, people!

…it all began back in ’79 on a rock in Burg. As I prepared to dance away a rather sticky cloud on my favourite monolith, I looked across and noticed a pale stranger sat with his toes pointing inwards, sketching.

My approach was cautious, I had never seen one so …pale; pale hair, pale socks, pale shorts – pulled high, beyond the pale… he spoke:

pale stranger: “Na?”

evac: “Nine”, I replied

pale stranger: “You speak Burg?”

evac: Nine; pointing at the number of ghost shrimp in my bucket: “Ich katcha-katcha 9”

pale stranger: “Ahhh si. Dat goot”

evac (Main Character): “Daff-Ich, yu-who und y yu make scratch on leaf”?

pale stranger: “Ich be Jan, und I draw on paper for food und hugs”

evac: Ich be Evac, und I make scratch on cave-wall too!

And so this magical tale began……