About Me

Most of the depictions you see, whether tangibly or on-line, are an amalgamation of my journey both privately and professionally.

My approach is to simply interpret all that I find visually and spiritually stimulating at the present time. I guess it’s hard to specialise on a single subject with so much surrounding us. Creativity, with all it’s branches, I have always related to as personality … you get on with a particular piece or you don’t! Like people, every visual product, whether deemed ‘wacky’ or normal, has a place.

Parlez-vous français? …non!

I was born in Brighton, where I currently reside with my wife and children. Much of my earlier life was spent in Freetown, West Africa before coming back to the Sussex coast in pursuit of an illustrative career. No sooner had that vocation been realised I found myself gravitating quite naturally towards the digital world embracing all it had to offer. Whilst fearing initially that my artistic capabilities may suffer as a consequence, on the contrary it worked out quite the opposite, forging together an alliance of versatility to meet various design requests; I hope that this is evident in my show of work.

What’s with the Smock & Mahl stick?

I am able to work with most mediums but I paint mainly with acrylics, appreciating them for their unforgiving manner. With not much room for error (fast drier), my focus and learning must remain constant. The honest pursuit in gaining self worth within the creative sector requires immense drive and constant reflection. Working in a profession where perhaps recognition comes to light long after one’s final blessing, clearly reveals that there is more to those who walk this path.

Jedi or mere Padawan?

And what of my dark side? Digitally I work on a mac loaded with a humble arsenal of software all geared to feeding the insatiable appetite of the e–monster. Since 1992 my professional journey has brought about more than just a recognisable body of work, it has allowed for continued growth, with every creative juncture a marked step in my life.

Show & Tell

Features of my art have appeared in numerous publications including the International Artist magazine and the Mall Gallery in London. I also run a humble online store selling t-shirts and various other items designed by myself and atelier full of hungry apprentices. We hope in due course it will come to fruition and help alleviate our pack-lunch expenditure!

I hope my work brings to you some joy, inspiration and a clear idea of what I represent. Should you wish to discuss ideas or simply want to say hi, please contact me here.