Commission Process

At the onset of any commission, it is vital there exists a strong and binding trust between artist and client.

To gain a clearer understanding of the painter’s style of work, I encourage that questions or queries are put forward at the earliest possible stage.  Most artists will always be happy to show, demonstrate and discuss previous work with examples from their portfolios.

The Process

There would be an initial meeting to discuss requirements.

Once both client and I are happy, work will commence with a brief outline covering our meeting with a quick mockup of the subject matter (depending on client requirements).  Accompanying this, will be two identical contracts with T&C’s for Client and Artist to sign in agreement; both will retain a copy each. The second copy will have an SAE for client to return to sender.

A 40% down-payment will be required before proceeding.

A meeting date will be set for reference photos of the subject(s). Depending on the timescale and size of commission, I will also require an informal sitting to familiarise myself with my subject in more personal detail.

We will also use this meeting to discuss the references, but ultimately it is left to my observations as to what I see fitting to compose the final piece. I do not work from a fixed photographic image but draw references from several of them to create the theme of the portrait. There is no extra charge for the photography or sitting,  as this is all included in the commission price. Depending on destination, there may be an additional fee for my journey costs.

*Once the commission is complete, all reference material is deleted from storage whether tangibly, on recorded media, or, in a ‘cloud’ environment.

Picture Perfect!

During the course of our meeting, it may be wise to consider where the artwork will eventually hang; The ambience and surrounding furniture will make a marked impact to the final presentation of your piece.

Should you wish to leave the framing to my discretion, I will be more than happy to oversee that too. Bespoke framing and delivery will be an added cost. Reproductions of the artwork are also available, digitally or on film.

Studio Time

Once settled back in my studio and the painting is in full flow, it might become a little quiet; this is okay, we are still connected!

Only under special circumstances will I keep clients updated with picture snapshots of their commission. I personally find that doing so wanes the charm and magic at the unveiling.  Nonetheless, I am open to discuss development.

At the unveiling

Like you, I will be a little nervous too.  This can be a somewhat personal experience whilst others choose to have family and friends to share the moment; however so, find some quiet time with your piece, see yourself through the eyes another and enjoy the process of your interpretation. This is all part of the beautiful experience that art brings to the world.

Before all is revealed do not be surprised to see me with a camera as this would have been discussed at the commissioning stage.  With certain paintings, I capture the entire process from start to finish on film, as part of the discussed package. A glimpse into the meeting of sitter and portrait is always quite special and worth sharing, should you choose to do so.

My paintings, however big or small, are a part of me.  They are created to be viewed, discussed (positively, I hope) and enjoyed for as long as the owners wish to display them.  Every piece is individual and I enjoy painting them all the same; I hope that this is apparent, for you, the viewer.