Below are some very talented individuals I have the pleasure of knowing socially as well as professionally. They are beautiful both in talent and person.

Jan Philip Schwarz

JP Schwarz - Illustrator and Storyboard artist based in Germany

…want to know why I have to stay on my toes??? Click to see this maestro in action!
Location: Hamburg, Germany ~


Ekarat Abhiratvorakul - Commercial Artist based in Bangkok

Providing hi-end motion graphics, photography and 3D services; Ekarat caters to the fast-paced and demanding environment of the advertising and design sectors.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand ~ Ekarat

Saira Hunjan

Saira Hunjan - Tattoo Artist and Fashion Designer based in London

Want to give blood in exchange for beautiful art in a class of it’s own? Saira Hunjan’s body of work is a definate must have.
Location: London, UK ~

Esam Hassanyeh

Esam Hassanyeh - Photographer based in Dubai

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Beautiful out of reach observations captured and given light, by Esam.
Location: London, UK ~

Charlie Doodle

Charlotte Axeworthy - Illustrator based in Hove

An Artist with a joie de vivre. Meet with this illustrating, bass thumping, charity founding, disc spinning, chilli addict.
Location: Brighton, UK ~

Crispin Jones

Crispin Jones - Web Designer based in Surrey

Cavepsider Productions offer slick web and graphic design for all your business and presentation needs.
Location: Kingston, UK ~

Rodrigo Araya

Rodrigo Araya - Storyboard Artist based in Hamburg, Germany

Conceptual art from an amazing talent coming straight from the mind of Rodrigo Araya with no photographic reference!
Location: Hamburg, Germany ~

Art comes in many forms!

Some great people I have the privilege to know, giving their time, creativity and heart to make a difference in everyday lives!

Should you ever be in the proximity of their establishments, I urge you to drop in, say hi and learn more about their efforts! Thank you.

Project Hope


Project Hope facilitates vital and impactful health systems transforming lives of communities in need at the very heart of disasters across every corner of the globe.

Hands for Hope


To alleviate extreme poverty and facilitate lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable children and families living in urban slums in Uganda.


Brighton, Sussex

The UK’s only permanent beach sports venue and the coolest place on Brighton beach to have sand under your feet.
Great people, great food, great vibes!

Rugby Academy

Brighton, Sussex

The Cardinal Newman Rugby Academy was founded and spearheaded by Wes and Neil. Under their leadership, they promote the positive impact that rugby can have on the young people in the community