El Sacramento

Sometime in 2001, I was commissioned by Fr Eduardo Vargas, a visiting priest from The Americas to paint him something small; He wanted a depiction of The Sacrament.  With time against us (he was en route to Rome to complete his studies) I had to work quickly. Starting a painting never poses much of an… Continue reading El Sacramento

The Apple Tree

In 1990 Sierra Leone’s devastating civil war began to take shape and the consequences that followed were documented all over the world. My great-aunt was one of the lucky evacuees. It was her second time on an aeroplane and her first trip to the UK. She was 86 at the time. For the period of… Continue reading The Apple Tree

The Potter

The Potter’s creations exist to serve a purpose; each are very different, but function together to serve our humanity and destiny. Humanity, as I see it, happens only because of service to one another. Just as The Potter creates for particular purposes, so we are all designed to serve with a degree of wisdom, knowledge… Continue reading The Potter

Portrait of Aunty Wadia

A Portrait of Aunty Wadia ‘A Portrait of Aunty Wadia’ is a small homage to a wonderful woman and a reminder to me about the intricate workings of faith.  Her story is like so many in the world but one I would like to share from a personal perspective. Wadia Aboud was born in 1904 and… Continue reading Portrait of Aunty Wadia