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Personalise the Player **All customisations are drawn digitally, by hand!**They are not automated, therefore, no two player images will ever be the same!All prints will be hand-signed before shipping.(See bottom of page for examples) Customised Examples


The Unwinding Series A long soft breath out as if exhaling away my African soul; I see smoke. “Pleased to meet you England!” Today, on these new shores I breathe away all of which is already written and breathe in a new chapter. Dreams and hopes from a far away place, only days ago, seemingly… Continue reading Watching


The line is cast out into the unknown. The shell that has been a cocoon for 11 years begins to crack! Read the story about a boy from Africa and his foray into a new world. A journey where the game of rugby was more than just a new sport; it was played as a… Continue reading Unwinding

Ecce homo, homage

Painted by Antonio Ciseri, Ecce Homo remains one of my favourite paintings. It was commissioned by the Italian government in 1871 and was completed in the same year as Ciseri’s death. Though the painting remains a visual masterpiece, it brings to light, how even in such dark times, the instinct of human goodness, not only… Continue reading Ecce homo, homage


…wiv a Cockney twang: Barbara (Tony’s wife), showing him the video clip for the first timeTony – “…thas me that is!”Aunty Pat – “No it’s not, it’s James Dean!” Watercolour on Illustration Board20 x 30 cmPainted in monochrome “You are a gentleman and a scholar sir…and there’s not many of us left!” The highlight of… Continue reading TONY

Merry Christmas!

The spirit is an inward flame; a lamp the world blows upon but never puts out. Margot Asquith May your homes be warmed by the love of family and the company of good friends.Thank you for your follows, likes and kind words.Seasons greetings to one and all ⭐️🕊✌🏽 pierre

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The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too” Vincent van Gogh The hardest part whilst creating this drawing was trying to keep Talitha away from the art studio!Her three brothers have their finished pieces all framed… Continue reading Talitha