The Potter -Acrylic Painting on Canvas for 2007 Art Exhibition titled: Credo

The Potter



Excerpt & Painting, 2 of 7, taken from the exhibition, ‘Credo’ 2007
Acrylic on Canvas – 100 x 80cm
© Pierre Bamin 2007. All Rights Reserved

The Potter’s creations exist to serve a purpose; each are very different, but function together to serve our humanity and destiny.

Humanity, as I see it, happens only because of service to one another. Just as The Potter creates for particular purposes, so we are all designed to serve with a degree of wisdom, knowledge and conscience. Do we keep it to ourselves or do we pour out to receive more in return? The outcome of ‘only taking’ is all but predictable; whereas the idea of ‘giving to gain’ seems far favourable in fulfilling ones journey through life. Our vocations, whatever they may be, are channelled through these mediums and continuously replenished during this exchange of self. Our containers hold, only to pass on, gifts which one day will be returned when it is most needed; this ‘pouring out’ may fall to your children, friends or community; much like the butterfly effect.

A Purposeful Plan?

We are who we are because of others and not ‘because we made it so’! Gluttony is not reserved only for food but that of power. Only The Potter knows how much each vessel can carry and for what purpose. We may not know the plan but by continually exchanging our gifts we are able to purge those powers of their greed, collectively.

The same clay fashions new pots …we are all equal. We each will face trials but throughout this, will continue to pour, nourishing one another’s spiritual strength. When we lose a loved one there is a sudden flow of love from all around; There stands The Potter, with you and I.

I dedicate this painting to the unique properties of the human spirit.

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