The Fisherman’s Ring

Excerpt & Painting, 5 of 7, taken from the exhibition, ‘Credo’ 2007
Acrylic on Canvas – 80 x 100cm
© Pierre Bamin 2007. All Rights Reserved

My Aunt, like many, was taken through life in a direction not of her choosing nor will. However she remained stoic, with an acceptance to carry on throughout the process.
We would often discuss ‘destiny’.  Never coming up with answers, only more questions and a few maybes…
Are we it’s true master? Why bother if it’s already been mapped out?
Every person, every experience and every direction in our lives may serve our free will, but by design, our very purpose, our choices, not only serve oneself but contribute to society where we are swayed communally in various directions giving to one another. Changes we may not feel are right at the time are in place to serve a purpose, whether it seems, we like it or not ….maybe?!  I am sure that given a clear choice, most would definitely opt for clearer horizons.


This painting is a humble reflection of that journey.
Religious or not, one couldn’t help but be moved by Pope John Paul’s sheer determination through ill health to forge ahead with his mission.  The Fisherman’s Ring was influenced by his death in 2005.  Like millions of others, I watched with intrigue the ceremony that followed.  As is customary with Papal deaths, the piscatory ring, his papal seal and symbol of his union with God, was destroyed by the cardinals to make way for a new successor …it was from this that my fifth painting was born.

Simon Peter, the first ever pope, had his destiny, trials and eventual death revealed to him by Christ; a reminder that in life there is a time we lead ourselves and a time when we are led, sometimes to destinations not of our own choosing.  Few wish death, yet there is a time for us all; until then there is the journey we make, together!

In the painting, one hand shows its face, revealing the scars, the nicks, the graft… its confession; pointing lamely at where it would rather be.  Though the binds show signs of wear, they hold fast; a snap imminent …perhaps? The other hand, strong and defiant accepts its fate, grappling with all its fervour, leading into the unknown…

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The Spark

Excerpt & Painting, 4 of 7, taken from the exhibition, ‘Credo’ 2007
Acrylic on Canvas – 100 x 80cm
© Pierre Bamin 2007. All Rights Reserved

One of the most important lessons I learnt from my Aunt came about through simple observation.

When talking with her, she would listen intently and speak in a very measured manner… and when she did, it was most often punctuated with a great parable that would often stay with you, to be pondered upon. This painting is a reflection of one such meeting, where she spoke about how futile hard work and inner growth can be if the tongue is not put in check.

“Yai ɛn yes sabi sikrit, bɔ da lili tin na yu mot, da yu tɔŋ, hol am fayn…”
“Eyes and ears can keep a secret, but that tiny thing in your mouth, your tongue, hold it well…”

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