The Spark

Acrylic Painting by Pierre Bamin for the Credo Exhibition 2007

Excerpt & Painting, 4 of 7, taken from the exhibition, ‘Credo’ 2007
Acrylic on Canvas – 100 x 80cm
© Pierre Bamin 2007. All Rights Reserved

One of the most important lessons I learnt from my Aunt came about through simple observation.

When talking with her, she would listen intently and speak in a very measured manner… and when she did, it was most often punctuated with a great parable that would often stay with you, to be pondered upon. This painting is a reflection of one such meeting, where she spoke about how futile hard work and inner growth can be if the tongue is not put in check.

“Yai ɛn yes sabi sikrit, bɔ da lili tin na yu mot, da yu tɔŋ, hol am fayn…”
“Eyes and ears can keep a secret, but that tiny thing in your mouth, your tongue, hold it well…”

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