Conscious Acts of Wandering


Sometimes life has its owns plans. Sierra Leone will never leave my soul. As a young man growing up on the shores of West Africa, I believed I would never venture far from it, in the physical sense at least. The last two decades of my life brought with it some normal and some not… Continue reading Conscious Acts of Wandering

Star Gazer

In these crazy times, my eyes search out gentle distractions.This guy landed in my head space! IntroducingPlan-ET 7258 The word Planet comes from the Greek word Planētes, meaning Wanderer. It is said, that the eyes are windows to the soul because they are the most honest part of the face. However these days it is… Continue reading Star Gazer

Merry Christmas!

The spirit is an inward flame; a lamp the world blows upon but never puts out. Margot Asquith May your homes be warmed by the love of family and the company of good friends. Thank you for the continued support; your follows, likes and kind words never go unnoticed. Seasons greetings to one and all… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Primary Design

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran Discovery I have heard it said, that students provided with the best environments lead them to take responsibility for their learning; so what a difference it makes to the confidence of parents to discover that special something exists in… Continue reading Primary Design

Titan Tots

True heroes develop ideas!!! Creating a gender neutral character for an already established brand. Kickboxing for tots not only develops the little ones physical skills but supplements their strength, balance and coordination. It grants them a self-confidence and discipline that can be carried through their lives ahead.