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In these crazy times, my eyes search out gentle distractions.
This guy landed in my head space!

Plan-ET 7258

The word Planet comes from the Greek word Planētes, meaning Wanderer.

It is said, that the eyes are windows to the soul because they are the most honest part of the face. However these days it is becoming ever harder to trust what the eyes see, or to even make any eye contact at all!

Staring into a strange new world no bigger than the palm of a hand, we are lost.

As I child, I remember walking with friends, talking. Dialogue happened with words, the body, your eyes. Vocal inflections, physical gestures, side glances. Subtle, yet never missed. Expression and emotion was clear, tangible and felt. You could sense the honesty, as instinct was very much alive and intact.

So, where to look?

Today we are faced with some uncertainties. Values we do our best to uphold are being lost quickly to the insatiable appetite of the e-creature, where a transfixed and motionless being gives up its instincts to gaze into the abyss, thumbs and forefingers doing all the talking.

Apparently the average mobile user will scroll through roughly three hundred feet of content a day, about twenty miles per year.

We will never get rid of technology and nor should we. However, we ought to rid ourselves of poor eye posture and re-awaken our true interactions.

Humanity has now become hidden behinds walls of devices, all led first and foremost by blinkered eyes.

Look Up, Lock In and See.

Plan-Eye Talk 7258

Have you named your Star Gazer?
Here are some I know of…
Globble • Peter • Gilbert • Comet • Bintu • Elliot • Arnold • Eugenia • Bertie

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Created digitally, using photographs, stories from a campfire and an apple!

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Paper Types

Satin Poster 200gsm
A high resolution photo paper with a subtle satin finish. An excellent option for large format photographic print reproduction, posters, exhibition graphics, public consultation displays and presentations. Rich colours with a lot of depth.

Litho Realistic 270gsm
This cost-effective economical alternative to the higher-end, fine art papers. A natural-white matte paper delivering exceptional print results with the look, feel and longevity of a heavy, matte offset paper.
Not only producing colour-accurate prints but it is great for affordable prints with litho-realistic production capabilities via inkjet technology.

Available Print Sizes
A2 (420 x 594mm), A3 (297 x 420mm)

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