The Unwinding Series A long soft breath out as if exhaling away my African soul; I see smoke. “Pleased to meet you England!” Today, on these new shores I breathe away all of which is already written and breathe in a new chapter. Dreams and hopes from a far away place, only days ago, seemingly… Continue reading Watching


The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it has its pearls too” Vincent van Gogh The hardest part whilst creating this drawing was trying to keep Talitha away from the art studio!Her three brothers have their finished pieces all framed… Continue reading Talitha

Art Investments

Investing in art requires vast sums of money… …WRONG! For anyone who has ever dabbled in the markets, or is thinking of doing so, you will well know that stocks produce far greater returns over a period of time than simply having your money in a bank. Provided one has spare capital at the end… Continue reading Art Investments

The Apple Tree

In 1990 Sierra Leone’s devastating civil war began to take shape and the consequences that followed were documented all over the world. My great-aunt was one of the lucky evacuees. It was her second time on an aeroplane and her first trip to the UK. She was 86 at the time. For the period of… Continue reading The Apple Tree

The Potter

The Potter’s creations exist to serve a purpose; each are very different, but function together to serve our humanity and destiny. Humanity, as I see it, happens only because of service to one another. Just as The Potter creates for particular purposes, so we are all designed to serve with a degree of wisdom, knowledge… Continue reading The Potter


Acrylic painting from the ‘…make us great…’ seriesPart of the Flamingo Open House exhibition of 2016 PRINT ORDERS Should you wish to own a fine-art reproduction of any of my paintings, please contact me with your requirements. All reproductions are printed on beautiful archival quality fine art prints using acid-free papers and neutral inks. With… Continue reading Drumbeat

A Portrait of Eliah

Are you considering a commission? Here’s a little insight into my process…

Millie & David

Available for private commissionsPlease contact me with your queries Happy to say my debt has finally been paid off to a very patient sibling and brother-in-law! The drawing now takes pride and place on a section of wall that has sat empty for much too long. I can, with absolute confidence, tell you that there… Continue reading Millie & David