Lili Tin Dɛm

The Little Things Ledכm. Rid.Da lili tin we de na mכt Da tin we dɛn kכl tכŋ Da lili tin de sabi sεt faya Da lili tin de sabi bכn mכtalman Lכd a’ masi! Rid. Na buk de tren tכŋ Na buk de gi man zil Na buk de rich pכsin yes. Di briz dכn… Continue reading Lili Tin Dɛm

Chief Michael

Chif Maykεl Oil on Canvas12 x 19.5in© 2019 Pierre Bamin – All Rights Maykɛl tinap nia yu do.I tinap tranga wan di wet yu.Yu gɛ yes? Listin fayn.Yu gɛ yay? Opin dɛm.Yu gɛ at? Sheb am.Unu bia o!Tin we de bia na dis wi wɔl tide,We de pan drɛg wi ɔl kayn say,In go kɔt… Continue reading Chief Michael


‘Mouskey’ (moo-ski)Watercolour on paper8 x 10”Painted at Le Perce Neige – Summer 2015 While sharing a pot of moules-fritesone fell into mon whiskey.Undeterred to let it wasteI let it stew before a taste.So fantastic was this drinkChef shared it amongst his local clinkMuch excitement, a difference for the throatThis new brew went to a public… Continue reading Mouskey