watercolour painting showing a glass of whiskey wit a mussel inside


Watercolour on paper
8 x 10”
Painted at Le Perce Neige – Summer 2015

While sharing a pot of moules-frites
one fell into mon whiskey.
Undeterred to let it waste
I let it stew before a taste.
So fantastic was this drink
Chef shared it amongst his local clink
Much excitement, a difference for the throat
This new brew went to a public vote
A OUI from the Puritans all resound
With nodding of heads, conversation abound
Name that shot they doth decry,
The bar falls silent as minds all try
When out of the corner, a name to rejoice,
Our teenage lad, hath found his voice
To great applause, beer and cheer
‘Mouskey’, was crowned drink of the year!!!

Salut Michel!