Lili Tin Dɛm

Detail of oil painting showing a man lying down on a beach beneath a palm tree, reading a book. Footprints in the sand also

The Little Things

Oil painting of a man lying down on a beach beneath a palm tree, reading a book

Da lili tin we de na mכt
Da tin we dɛn kכl tכŋ
Da lili tin de sabi sεt faya
Da lili tin de sabi bכn mכtalman
Lכd a’ masi!
Na buk de tren tכŋ
Na buk de gi man zil
Na buk de rich pכsin yes.
Di briz dכn rich yu?
Lε i nak yu fes
Lε i kol yu at;
Kol yu at.

Lie down.
That little thing in your mouth
That little thing known as the tongue
That little thing can start trouble
That little thing knows how to bother
Lord have mercy!
A book can train the tongue
A book can give you courage
A book makes people listen
Has the breeze arrived?
Let it upon your face
Let it calm you;
Be calm.

Detail of the signature on the oil painting titled, Little Thing
Lili Tin Dɛm
(The Little Things)

Oil on Canvas
20 x 8in

© 2019 Pierre Bamin – All Rights
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