Chief Michael




Chif Maykεl

Oil on Canvas
12 x 19.5in
© 2019 Pierre Bamin – All Rights

Maykɛl tinap nia yu do.
I tinap tranga wan di wet yu.
Yu gɛ yes? Listin fayn.
Yu gɛ yay? Opin dɛm.
Yu gɛ at? Sheb am.
Unu bia o!
Tin we de bia na dis wi wɔl tide,
We de pan drɛg wi ɔl kayn say,
In go kɔt tumara.

Michael stands at your door.
He stands firm awaiting you.
Have you ears? Listen well.
Have you eyes? Open them.
Have you a heart? Share it.
Be patient!
Things that are happening in our world today,
Dragging us in every direction,
Will one day see it’s end.


A Visual Diary

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