Easter Heights

From a time, many tides ago…🪁 🇸🇱Sכnde, Ista dכn richWi de go na bichFambul dεm de kam.Una si we pipul dεm plεnti? Ɔl kayn kayt fכ dεm pikin dεm.Uda gε layn? Di genjin fayn?Mekes nכ, briz de… bo tray nכ!Una sεf!!! Tek tεm nכ chεr am! Jak! Jak am!Lε i kechUna lili wan dεm, una… Continue reading Easter Heights

Conscious Acts of Wandering


Sometimes life has its owns plans. Sierra Leone will never leave my soul. As a young man growing up on the shores of West Africa, I believed I would never venture far from it, in the physical sense at least. The last two decades of my life brought with it some normal and some not… Continue reading Conscious Acts of Wandering


The Unwinding Series A long soft breath out as if exhaling away my African soul; I see smoke. “Pleased to meet you England!” Today, on these new shores I breathe away all of which is already written and breathe in a new chapter. Dreams and hopes from a far away place, only days ago, seemingly… Continue reading Watching

Floating on the Walls

There are treasures to be taken away from this country which has not yet found an interpreter equal to the abundance of riches which it displays Paul Cézanne Floating on the Walls Acrylic on Canvas23 x 30.5 x 3.5cm (unframed) © Pierre Bamin 2019. All Rights Read ‘The Rock’ narrative Please contact me with your print or license… Continue reading Floating on the Walls

Line is Cast

Many years ago, I was fishing off a rock when a lowly canoe pulled up alongside.  The fisherman, his name Mohamed, asked me to help steady him in as he dismounted amongst the rocks and rolling water.  His catch was being delivered to the local club some meters behind me.  As we dragged in, I… Continue reading Line is Cast

Circling, Waiting, Watching.

Never slacken! A slack fishing line, especially in wind and choppy conditions, is more often than not the main cause for line tangles and disruption. Before preparing to cast a hand-line, it is very important you lay the coils down in an organised fashion. If the elements of high winds and choppy waters rage against… Continue reading Circling, Waiting, Watching.

Back to the Breaks

Back to the Breaks Acrylic on Canvas508 x 406 x 38mm (unframed)Canvas is triple primed 100% quality cotton all wrapped around kiln-dried A+ solid pine timber. © Pierre Bamin 2019. All Rights Read ‘The Rock’ narrative Please contact me with your print or license queries When you add varnish to water,magical things happen!

The Rock Narrative

A boy stands on a rock and drops a line. As his years and stories progress, he becomes fussier; a bigger catch, a certain type, volume … the sea is deep and vast. We do what we can, with what we have.  Either way, to survive, we must be creative.  Wasted time, surely… staying fixed… Continue reading The Rock Narrative