Circling, Waiting, Watching.




Never slacken!

A slack fishing line, especially in wind and choppy conditions, is more often than not the main cause for line tangles and disruption. Before preparing to cast a hand-line, it is very important you lay the coils down in an organised fashion. If the elements of high winds and choppy waters rage against you, wrap your line carefully, close to your body. When you come to cast, these loose but organised coils will leave you, smoothly.

Handline fishing in adverse conditions, needs complete attention. A fisherman must never leave his line unattended.
When deciding to fish by hand, the trickiest part of all is casting. For a good cast, weight and bait are crucial, but most importantly is the timing. A correct measure of weight, spun well and cast, will reach further, cutting through the wind, flying well above the noise and landing in choice spots barely visible to the eye.

Love what you do, honestly!

There are no fish finders, no drones, no artificial lures and no reels. GPS hotspots have not been bought. This is hand-line; wound on driftwood; each wind of the twine bound by secrets of the ages. This is as organic and as pure as it gets.

They say that smooth seas never make for skillful sailors, fishing, especially in rough water, is not about catching fish, it’s about catching yourself!

Circling, Waiting, Watching.

Acrylic on Canvas
508 x 406 x 38mm (unframed)
Canvas is triple primed 100% quality cotton all wrapped around kiln-dried A+ solid pine timber.

© Pierre Bamin 2019. All Rights

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