A painting showing a river torrent running through stone arches

Knock, Knock



A painting showing a river torrent running through stone arches
Excerpt & Painting, 7 of 7, taken from the exhibition, ‘Credo’ 2007
Acrylic on Canvas – 80 x 100cm
© Pierre Bamin 2007 – All Rights Reserved

One of my Aunt’s most memorable dispositions was the acceptance of her life’s journey and yet a continued strength of faith to carry on. Through her many pains and sufferings she would often make light of the matter suggesting that, ’Di Pa dɔn fɔgɛt mi pan Im woklod’ – ‘God has forgotten me amidst His busy workload’

Knock Knock, was painted as a reminder to me about the world I found myself in at the time. A father of two, in a fast changing technological planet where I was slightly lost on ‘my journey’, I was caught up in a tide of news, information, do’s and don’ts, pulling me in every direction. Caught in this rush, at times it felt easy to go with the flow, racing past true riches to earn what I felt was my true self worth. The proof of this success? Acknowledgement that whatever my circumstances at the time, wherever I had come from and whatever the world threw at me, I could find a pattern, a solution; I thought I was in control of the bigger picture.

The Flow

In the current of life, the stream begins gently.
It drops gradually
left ignored, becomes a raging river
sweeping away all that it touches;
cold and turbulent.
Junctures of light.
The breaks.
Revealed rock-holds.
Grab-a-hold, catch a breath,
Contemplate the idea of turning it around.
Swim calmly against the torrent.
An entrance sitting on solid foundation;
easily missed in the rush.
The door always open and where
on the dry wall entrance,
rejuvenated vines bearing
true growth.

Accept with unequivocal belief
The dignity and peace of pursuing real truths.
And remember
should you give in to the flow of river
Consider the falls at the end!

Only twelve years ago I was recording my painting process on a camcorder and ‘burning’ the results onto a disc!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read and view my Credo exhibition from 2007. Your support over the years has been wonderful and it’s been great to share it using all forms of social media.

This final painting from the series brings it to a close.

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