Inward Flames by Pierre Bamin

Inner Flames



In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

Albert Schweitzer

My daughter tells me my Christmas creations are ‘cute’

They are fun to do but also serve well as a template to unfolding dialogue with my children … far better than giving a serious dad talk!!

This year’s post is a little reminder that even if words and memories start to fade, or a multitude of distractions leave us feeling powerless, there remains within us an inextinguishable glow.

A little known fact is that artists must never try to explain their work; and I certainly won’t be doing so anytime soon! HOWEVER, at this particular pitstop of life’s journey, I shall grant ye a little insight into my thinking during the initial sketch! Yes, I promise, all this stuff truly rattles through my brain as I draw… note the way I go over and over my line-work, that’s my pondering time!!! Don’t believe me??? Watch the clip again after you’ve read this… you’ll see it different!

Let’s go deep into the ‘art!

What lies ahead? The drawing begins with a cross in a frame. ‘A window’ as we look outward to our destiny.
We face The Light ( the sun / The Son )
The Mysteries Three cotton folds from a single wrap swaddle us in Hope
Chaos – The hay in all its variations surround us; pointing ‘the way’ in all directions.

Here comes the ‘ahhh’ bit

Zooming into the eyes (bet you weren’t expecting that) – you will see a further two crosses; what’s to come at journeys end.
Mindful that the baby is already lying on a cross and now flanked by two others, reveals a story of which you may already be familiar with.
Importantly, at such a dark hour, Light reignited others in darkness and prevailed.

Never Worry!

Make your mark and share YOUR light.
They say ‘a candle’s light does not diminish at the point of lighting up another’ – in fact from my arty observations, it becomes momentarily brighter at the point of giving!!!
Stick with us artists, we know our stuff!!!

My gratitude always for your continued support.
The follows, likes and kind comments never go unnoticed.

All the blessings of the season, from my light to yours ⭐️✌🏽


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