The Right Reverend Bishop Crispian Hollis




During the Portsmouth legg of the Credo exhibition, I was fortunate enough to meet with Bishop Crispian Hollis where we spoke more in detail about the show and masters of old.

I often find myself, during meetings such as these, wishing I had read more on art history rather than simply doodling wherever I could find the space on my exercise books!

Bishop Hollis, as with most men of his rank, carry with him a great responsibility and representation; they are after-all the successors of the Apostles from long ago, therefore entrusted with spiritual leadership and guidance. Directing myself, even with a map, to the East Sussex National Golf Course for the final part of the Credo show, had me lost somewhere between Hastings and Spain …what about when you have an entire Diocese looking to you for inner guidance? I am happy to stick with painting and especially happy to have with Bishop Crispian.

Oil Portrait of the Right Reverend Crispian Hollis, Bishop of Portsmouth
Oil Portraiture commissioned by Friends of the Cathedral, UK
on behalf of
The Right Reverend Bishop Crispian Hollis – Archbishop of Portsmouth


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