Ecce homo, vector homage to Antonio Ciseri

Ecce homo, homage



Painted by Antonio Ciseri, Ecce Homo remains one of my favourite paintings.

It was commissioned by the Italian government in 1871 and was completed in the same year as Ciseri’s death.

Though the painting remains a visual masterpiece, it brings to light, how even in such dark times, the instinct of human goodness, not only presents itself in the moment, but has a marked effect on years to come.

True fine art augments words to give greater depth to the visual

Pontius Pilate’s wife would later, within Eastern Christian traditions, be recognised as Saint Procula (Saint Claudia). Although mentioned only briefly in the New Testament, her actions to attest the innocence and virtue in the human Christ, would be amplified forever.

This humble homage simplifies what is an incredibly emotive creation, still significant to this day.

Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri
(Behold The Man)

Slide one showing final painting – Slide two showing his ‘colour sketch’


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