…WALL-E discovers something fresh!

Who or what is KRIOBAM??

Culturally Free – Creatively Bright

The heart of our culture was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone
The designs are created in the heart of Brighton City

I launched KRIOBAM™ in 2013 as a desperate bid to solve the packed-lunch crisis in our home. It infuses two beautiful cultures together with a splash more colour, some mixed slang and a whole lot of wild ideas. Although our planet is huuuuge, the web has made it into a small village where things are easily in reach, allowing the spotlight on even the wackiest of concepts!

Impassioned Fashion!

Technology is dynamic, forever changing …this can apply to our style trends too!

Drawing on inspiration from everyday observations within my family and our communities, KRIOBAM™ has a platform to finally share and wear these ideas. Unlike the high street, shoppers do not have to purchase a fixed and final product; instead they can choose a item, personalise the design to whatever suits their lifestyle and taste, and thus, grant them bespoke wearables that standout from the everyday trends …clients have also noted a dramatic increase to their mojo and funk levels whilst amongst their peers …just sayin’!

KRIOBAM™ prides itself in original design sported on a variety of top quality products …some are even organic!!!

Meet Audrey …ahem!

A Visual Diary

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