The Rock Narrative

A boy stands on a rock and drops a line. As his years and stories progress, he becomes fussier; a bigger catch, a certain type, volume … the sea is deep and vast. We do what we can, with what we have.  Either way, to survive, we must be creative.  Wasted time, surely… staying fixed… Continue reading The Rock Narrative

Lili Tin Dɛm

The Little Things Ledכm. Rid.Da lili tin we de na mכt Da tin we dɛn kכl tכŋ Da lili tin de sabi sεt faya Da lili tin de sabi bכn mכtalman Lכd a’ masi! Rid. Na buk de tren tכŋ Na buk de gi man zil Na buk de rich pכsin yes. Di briz dכn… Continue reading Lili Tin Dɛm

Chief Michael

Chif Maykεl Oil on Canvas12 x 19.5in© 2019 Pierre Bamin – All Rights Maykɛl tinap nia yu do.I tinap tranga wan di wet yu.Yu gɛ yes? Listin fayn.Yu gɛ yay? Opin dɛm.Yu gɛ at? Sheb am.Unu bia o!Tin we de bia na dis wi wɔl tide,We de pan drɛg wi ɔl kayn say,In go kɔt… Continue reading Chief Michael

Knock, Knock

One of my Aunt’s most memorable dispositions was the acceptance of her life’s journey and yet a continued strength of faith to carry on. Through her many pains and sufferings she would often make light of the matter suggesting that, ’Di Pa dɔn fɔgɛt mi pan Im woklod’ – ‘God has forgotten me amidst His… Continue reading Knock, Knock

Lipstick Mama

This painting is a personal observation on the effects modern time is having on family development. Unlike lipstick, parenthood is not removable, rather it is indelible on the soul. The nurturing of a child is spiritual dialogue between the old and the new. In every corner of our lives today there is a degree of… Continue reading Lipstick Mama


Fame at last!!! …my gratitude to Dr J Kettle-Williams and the team that run the Diocese of Plymouth tabloids for publishing the painting and narrative of El Sacramento; I’m happy to be sharing a front cover with Papa Francis …well, the story title anyway! El Sacramento has resonated with many people around the globe over… Continue reading EXTRA, EXTRA…!!!