Without Prejudice!

…a little something close to my heart

This appeal goes without prejudice nor is it an attack to those currently at the top of their game, but a humble plea from a fellow artist, happy where he is and a lover of all things creative…

please be neighbourly to the easel next to you!

Over the years of my painting life, it has come to my attention that some painters of note, ‘the pure kind‘, often, during seminars, blogs, and demos, take the opportunity to damn the various approaches other artists may use to arrive at their finished piece. They condemn the use of photographic references in art, calling for a finer approach, this being taught by their good selves, ofcourse, like the masters of old! They also infer that by not being classically trained one cannot warrant the label artist.

Though some of these very established talents have come from privileged backgrounds, or of equal luck, grown up in the homes of artisans, I do not dispel their belief, nor underrate their talent or approach to how they choose to paint, but I simply ask to please keep in mind that the very path, chosen by some, that they so rank beneath them, are simply all part of the many colours on a palette that make up the entire market …otherwise we are merely monochromatic carbon copies! Subjugating and imposing such ideas on those who are doing their best to make successful their aspirations in all manners that are possible and available to them, is not helpful; variety is all part of the wider creative process. The camera was invented by an artist, albeit a frustrated one, but Fox Talbot was innovative and creative, thinking differently. To neglect and dampen the achievements of the many thousands of artists working in some very trying conditions bringing to light current world affairs, whether by hand-drawn sketches, as a photo, film or on a smart device, is selfish. It is unfair to believe that because they are not classically trained they should rescind all right to the title ‘painter’ or ‘artist’! That being so, should we assume that the likes of Clapton and Yeo are not worthy of their accolades?

Live, draw freely and allow others to do the same, confreres. There is plenty of paint for all.